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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Selected tweets from Taylor (Nicholas Alan)

Selected tweets from Taylor

Or, better known to some as Nicholas Alan, in Steve Grand's #allamericanboy

If you’re curious about Nicholas Alan acting in Steve Grand’s music video, All-American Boy:

 According to Nicholas Alan, they started filming the video on June 19th.   

I guess this is the real story, as it’s coming from Nicholas Alan himself.
Here are some of his tweets from:
DocTayTay.  Again, his stage name with Fratmen.TV is Taylor. 

A person Tweeted him and asked:

@DocTayTay Hey Doc! How did you get involved with that shoot? Did you audition, or did you meet in some skeezy watering hole?

@harvykek hey bud! Met Steve in Miami about a year and a half ago! He knew I was the "all American boy" ever since!!

1:32 AM - 10 Jul 13

This is Nicholas Alan’s, aka Taylor, Twitter ad:

1.       Taylor@DocTayTay

Official Twitter of the KING! AKA the All American Boy :D Available for private shows, contact at Amazon wishlist below :)

He invites people to talk with him here.
a video of AAB comes up first at this site.  On the site is says: 
Welcome to man's new favorite channel. We are excited and hoping to exceed all expectations. We hope you will all feel inspired to stay and be a part of this new innovative enterprise. We have just launched! Use the link to the top-right to sign up, or check out some promos below.
       So, Nicholas Alan provides his, Taylor, email address here:

Available for private shows all week!! DM or email me @ if interested! Lots to talk about!!

      9:41 PM - 8 Jul 13 · Details  

Video is up guys!!! check it out, moving stuff.... All-American Boy  via @youtube 
It’s still not clear to me who had more involvement in getting the video project going, Steve or Nick. 
Selected tweets from descending order. 

@alex_tickler @MFFcatinhat @YouTube thanks guys!! So glad the video is blowing up like this!!

7:18 PM - 6 Jul 13 · Details

Celebrate the 4th Of July by Watching Steve Grand’s, Emotional Music Video For ‘All-American Boy’ (VIDEO) 

12:15 PM - 3 Jul 13 · Details

Stuck at airport... Flight cancelled... Filming music video tomorrow am... Fml

@222hot4u hahaha! And u know how I love to do that ;) lol

@harvykek @222hot4u ya man!! I think it's gonna turn out really great!! Will let u know when the video is complete!

2:06 PM - 21 Jun 13 · Details

@KevinEveryDay ya brooooo!! For an up and coming artist! I will post the link for it when it is all edited!

5:17 PM - 21 Jun 13

Nicholas Alan, aka Taylor, had been doing work for Fratmen for a while already, for example:

1.       Fratmen@FRATMEN 1 May

Don't forget that @FratmenTaylor will be LIVE today at 10pm PST 7pm PST doing a 1 hour performance show! It's free... 

Nicholas Alan, aka, Taylor's, first tweet with this Twitter account, @DocTayTay, was on March 7th, 2013:

(Climbs out from rubble....dusts off robe)....KNIGHTS....assemble? Anybody out thurrrr? hahaha!

7:49 PM - 7 Mar 13 · Details