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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Comments to Bolerico Project RE: Mark King's article

Comments posted but removed at Bolerico Project

RE: Mark King's article

I sent this email to the Editors of the Bolerico Project:
I also sent in comments that were removed, which I've posted here following the letter to the editors.

To: Editors of Bilerico
RE: Mark S. King’s article on July 8th, 2013

Content within this URL also pasted at the end of this email.  This might be valuable for you. 

I came across Mark King’s article as it was referenced in a comment by ‘Mike’ in an article at Towleroad:
I didn’t agree with Mark as to his take on why Steve Grand made the video.  Mark’s article seemed mostly to be trying to be inflammatory.  But, maybe I just do not appreciate Mark’s humor enough.  Yet, I appreciated Mark’s own comment reply that he posted on July 8th 8:02am.  I replied to that comment just now. 

Steve Grand might be trying to portray Neil Alan as his straight good friend in the video, but Neil also does work for Fratmen.TV.  I’d be okay with the storyline, if it wasn’t that it appears Steve is trying to use it to portray honesty about his own life and his friends and situations in his own life.  If Steve is stalking a straight boy, it is only in the theatrical storyline, and not in regards to Neil, as is suggested in the video and Steve’s interview articles about the video.  And yet, yes, I could appreciate that Neil Alan still considers himself straight, even while working on especially their third of the Fratmen.TV web site projects.  See Wiki.  And as to challenging stereotypes, I’m concerned, in part, that Steve is portraying straight men as not being comfortable also working in gay-for-pay video productions.  I don’t know what identity Neil Alan considers himself to be.  It is difficult to adequately define, gay, or straight, or bisexual. 

I feel like I must agree with this Towleroad reader’s comment:

i feel duped. what started out as discovering an up & coming talent now feels like a very well orchestrated media blitz/plan.

yes, i like the song & video very much, but there are too many signs this was all staged and planned. i even contacted friends in the business to alert them to his talent. their response was, 'It's all planned.' another reason why i feel duped.

any way you can, i guess.....

Posted by: mike/ | Jul 8, 2013 11:17:48 AM 

Some background:  I had already written an email response comment to another writer, Mike C. Lennox, in regards to his article about Steve Grand and the music video, All-American Boy.  Mike Lennox’s article is here. 

Since I read Mike Lennox’s article as it was being carried by the Huffington Post, I sent my extended comments, as the Huff Post encouraged, in an email as part of my Huff Post Scoop submission.   I haven’t received a reply.  I have also privately tweeted Mike Lennox with the URL link shown above in an attempt to reach him.  Placing the email as text in Google Blogger allowed me to tweet him the URL.  He didn’t offer an email address or other contact information.

 Again, the email letter to Mike Lennox can be viewed here.

I’ve also pasted the text of email letter to Mike Lennox at the end of this email if that is more helpful.  The  email is, obviously, not written to be a news article.  However, I was prompted to send this to you after reading this section on your website:

“While Bilerico does plenty of sexy, funny, and short news posts, it's best known for longer political commentaries, essays, and cultural examinations. While short quips and soundbites have risen in popularity as a way of getting news, Bilerico has maintained that LGBTQ culture, politics, and community are worth examining in depth as well.” 

Would this material  be helpful for you in examining Steve Grand’s All-American Boy project in depth?  I am not experienced at writing for editorial media.  But if you thought that the points that I am trying to express to Mike Lennox are worth presenting to your readers, I am willing to  put this information into an editorial format and at a length that would be appropriate for Bilerico to publish.  Or, maybe with this material and references, Mark could write a second article. 
I posted this reply just now to Mark King’s comment reply that he posted on July 8th 8:02am:

Mark S. King I do too, Mark.  I so agree with you about how art and images have meaning,  I fear what is possibly a well thought out deliberately misleading marketing scheme can do harm in what he is representing as to what honesty is.  If some of the friends who helped him make this music video are folks from Pavlov's Dog LCC, then that does seem misleading. in how he presents the video.  Please see my comments here

I’ll keep working through the rest of the comments and replies. 

This is noted:  “Please include a headshot and brief (two or three sentences) bio to run with the guest post.”

I read Mark S. King’s profile as one of your contributors.  

I posted this comment:
*Which was removed
The production company for Steve Grand’s music video, All-American Boy, is Digital Skylight.  The actor portraying the man Steve is feeling unrequited love for is Nicholas Alan.  Credits for the video are available here.
This is Steve’s first professional, production company produced, music video.  You can see some of Nick Alan’s other professionally produced works at Fratmen.TV.  Ashley Lobo’s link is:  Regina Marie is also listed as a cast member.  Steve has published other music videos under: Steve Starchild.  His stage name is Finn Diesel for his modeling projects.  Nick’s stage name is Tyler.  Max Steger and Sammy Del Real joined with Steve in the music production.
I posted this comment:
* Which was removed
I'm glad that I made sure I copied all of replies to the comments that I posted, and the comments that I was replying to, before they were removed. I noticed that they were removed when I went back to make my correction that the actor's name is Nickolas Alan and not Neil Alan.