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Thursday, July 18, 2013

My email to Michael K. Lavers of the Washington Blade

My email to Michael Lavers, reporter for the Washington Blade, who wrote an article about Steve Grand.  
       Washington Blade

RE:  News Tip - my suspected actual Steve Grand story is confirmed 

It’s confirmed.

The person’s comment on Towleroad (first of three he posted there), was correct:
1.        i feel duped. what started out as discovering an up & coming talent now feels like a very well orchestrated media blitz/plan.

yes, i like the song & video very much, but there are too many signs this was all staged and planned. i even contacted friends in the business to alert them to his talent. their response was, 'It's all planned.' another reason why i feel duped.

any way you can, i guess.....
Posted by: mike/ | Jul 8, 2013 11:17:48 AM
I posted these three comments to Towleroad today:

This was a well-orchestrated media blitz/plan.  And again, my concern is that it was misrepresenting men who are straight and who are comfortable with their gay male friends – who don’t rebuff them, not because they are actually straight acting gay porn stars, but because they are respectful and understanding straight men who are actually good friends. 

It’s a shame that Steve selected a man in gay porn to portray his straight male crush interest.  A shame, because then Steve gave interviews, especially the one with The Backlot, where he suggested that the reason Nick was so comfortable doing the video was because Nick was a straight man.  As, I believe now, was the intent of Steve, and his, friends, from the beginning as a way to have the public receive his song through his music video. 

As I suspected, the message Steve is actually trying to send is that the new All-American Boy is a man who portrays himself as straight and who is comfortable doing gay porn.  Nick Alan is Steve’s All-American Boy – as confirmed by the caption at the Gayhoopla site.  Again, this is no statement about the sexual identity or sexual orientation of Nick Alan, but of Nick’s sexual behavior.  Nick’s most recent work, beyond Fratmen.TV, is with/at Gayhoopla.
My guess is that Jason Knade was comfortable with the purpose of this music video project from the beginning, judging from his bio and the stated goals of Digital Skylight:

I started Digital Skylight in 1998 as a web site development studio. It cratered in early 2001.

I restrung Digital Skylight in 2003 with no regard to what looks commercial. I use this site for whatever I need at the moment and pay the bills doing other things.
-- Dave Dike

Digital Skylight is a Chicago-based production team focused on providing creative visual content. We believe in collaborating with clients and bringing their vision to life, so whether our team is working on projects locally or abroad, we bring clients in on every step of the production process.

From music videos and advertisements to documentaries and corporate resources, our team is ready to provide work that is as unique as each of our clients. 

These are the three tweets that I have sent to SteveGrandMusic:
@SteveGrandMusic “Did the folks at Pavlov’s Dog LLC help you make the video to help you market your album?”
 @SteveGrandMusic I see that Digital Skylight produced your video. Still perplexed. Why did you ask Nicholas Alan to be your male co-star?
@SteveGrandMusic Nicholas Alan is ‘Taylor’ in Fratmen.TV He is also your unrequited love in #AllAmericanBoy Acting or real life? 

Thank you for your potential interest in this journalistic news Tip for the Washington Blade.

Mike Jones