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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Taylor using AAB video to promote the USA CAM GUYS project

I found a review article written on the new project that Taylor is working on

I suppose there is still that question of if Taylor (Nicholas Alan) is one of the straight guys or not...

I do get it that some guys do gay porn without being sexually attracted to men, and thus would say that they are straight.  The review says this site is mostly soft core gay porn and that most of the guys are straight.   That term, straight, is sure a pesky term to define in our culture today.  How do we think the general public understands the term, gay?  Do they understand it to mean referring to sexual behavior or to sexual attractions... or identity, or orientation?  Or some combination? 

And I get it that actors portray roles.  Straight men portray gay men.  Gay men portray straight men.  But what exactly does Steve want the general public to think about Nick in his video? 

Here is an example of an article talking about Taylor's work:

The Gloves Cum Off!

It was certainly a good fight while it lasted, between Fratpad performers Fratmen Taylor (Tay Tay) and Julian (Cajun Cutie) tonight.
Taylor (@DocTayTay) represented Gayhoopla tonight, while at the same time Julian appeared on Fratpad to represent Fratmen®.
This wasn’t his first appearance on the site, but Taylor broke Gayhoopla’s record in both chat attendance and tips tonight. What seemed to have put Taylor in the ‘Winner’s Circle’ in the first thirty (30) minutes, was the auctioning off the shirt off his back. Yes, literally. Taylor’s shirt was won by member ‘ZachUSA’ of the site, for over $100 in tips. This was the first maneuver of it’s kind for both sites. For Gayhoopla’s performers, the performers keep 100% of their tip earnings, where as performer’s of Fratpad receive less than 30%. It certainly looks like Taylor will be leaving with a hefty ‘purse’ of over $1000 from tonight. It certainly helped Taylor having over 100 members in attendance, while Julian had slightly under 50. <ding>
Although members are calling Taylor’s victory a ‘knockout’, Julian certainly put up a great fight. Julian’s cam shows this past week at ‘the Pad’ can certainly can be described as ‘his best yet’. Julian is a performer that it can be said, ‘with every return, he just gets better’. Julian returns home after today, but can still be seen on Flirt4Free and other sites affiliated with Fratmen®. For more information on where you can see Julian, visit his blog site here.

And what a different spin they put on Steve's story:

‘All-American Boy’ Debut

Following in the footsteps of former Fratpad performer known as Fratmen Shay, Taylor makes his debut appearing in ‘All-American Boy’ on YouTube.
The video is the story of the shy, closeted boy, that sings about his love with the All-American boy, Taylor. A boy he feels that he could never have, that all the undeserving girls do.
Following a brief skinny-dipping scene, the boy gets the courage to come out to friend by kissing him. After believing he might have lost his friend, the boy attempts to apologize. His friend shows his support by embracing him and saying that  ’it’s alright’.
Truly, a beautiful coming out story.
Taylor will surely be the cause of unintended fireworks going off this 4th and every other day of July!
WARNING: Better keep your ‘fire buckets’ on-hand when you watch this video, you just might need it.
This video is just what the doctor ordered. Certainly a cure for any ailment.
Click here to see the official video by Steve Grand, featuring @Doc Tay Tay

They are saying, like Eli is saying, that Steve's character is closeted in the video.  Yes, I guess you could infer that Steve's character only comes out to the supposedly straight guy when he kisses him.  But it could be just as true that the guy already knew Steve's character was openly gay, and that Steve's character just had never tried to kiss him before.  And of course I am saying that the guy wasn't straight, or at least if he said he was straight, he still did gay porn and did oral sex with guys.  So, again, is the video about real life people or only about a screenplay written by Steve to represent something in his distant past?

Since the site, USA CAM GUYS, is promoted through Gayhoola,
You see that the All-American Boy, Taylor, is listed as being able to be seen in their members area.  I don't know what is meant by "over 130+ were a witness" on Taylor's AAB banner there (unless he means that's how many people were there at the filming of the video).  Anyhow clicking Taylor's banner, just takes you to the financial signup page.  So you would need to pay up and join to know what Taylor offers there, but it's clear that he is using Steve's video to promote himself and his projects.  Here:

USA CAM GUYS website:

There are 6 other videos besides the AAB video as the main screen video to promote their project.