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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Facebook posts and tweets to Steve Grand

I have asked Steve these questions

Attempting to contact him directly

 I posted to Steve's Facebook page, after the time of his live CNN interview:
Steve, I hope that eventually you will talk about why you selected Nicholas Alan, aka. Taylor, from Fratmen.TV to be your All-American Boy. He tweeted that he met you in Miami about 1 1/2 years ago and says that you knew then that he was your AAB. Since Taylor is promoting his acting in AAB in his newest work with Gayhoopla, and with usacamguys, wouldn't it be good to talk about that as well, since you portrayed him as a straight man in your video?
After reading some of the comments about his CNN interview, I posted this:
Steve, I haven’t seen the CNN interview yet.  I hope to see it when it is posted online somewhere.  I also like your song and your video.  It’s entertaining and inspiring.  And yet…  Some of the comments you are getting refer to you as honest and genuine, and yet you continue deceiving people.  If you didn’t in the CNN interview today, just say it’s a

gay man’s music video about your crush on a gay man whom you met in Miami 1 ½ years ago.  You can tell your story in interviews about when you were 13 and about your non sexual appreciation for a straight older boy and that’s fine, as long as you don’t deceive people about what you are telling here.  Your unrequited love is for a gay man.  You are just blending two different stories to make it more commercially appealing.  That’s not respecting the public who has shown such support for you.  I think that’s worse than it getting tagged as a gay country singer’s music video.  Your portrayal using Nick Alan in the video, disrespects all the actual straight guys who do care for and respect their gay male friends, and who don’t rebuff those friends, even if they show affection to them or have a crush on them.  Maybe you no longer have crushes on straight men.  If so, just say so.  If you do, and that’s what you wanted to portray, then why didn’t you ask one of those guys to be in your video?  Do you not know of any straight men who wouldn’t rebuff you if you were to kiss them?  If not, maybe because of this video, you will be able to meet some of those men.  And that will be another positive step forward that you can take in being more honest and letting people respect you for who you want to be.  Give them that chance.
Tweets to Steve at SteveGrandMusic:
@SteveGrandMusic “Did the folks at Pavlov’s Dog LLC help you make the video to help you market your album?” 

@SteveGrandMusic I see that Digital Skylight produced your video. Still perplexed. Why did you ask Nicholas Alan to be your male co-star?

@SteveGrandMusic Nicholas Alan is ‘Taylor’ in Fratmen.TV He is also your unrequited love in #AllAmericanBoy Acting or real life?