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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Excellent interview article on George Silberschatz

I found this to be an excellent interview article, paralleling my own observations in so many ways. 

George Silberschatz on Psychotherapy Research and Its Discontents by David Bullard

Clinician and researcher George Silberschatz, PhD, discusses both the benefits and limitations of psychotherapy research, as well as its misuse by therapists marketing their services.

Sections in this interview:
  • What is Empirically Known About Psychotherapy?
  • Psychotherapy Works
  • "We Forgot to Ask the Patient!"
  • "What Exactly Does 'Cured' Mean, Anyway?"
  • We Are All Skinner's Pigeons
  • The Role of Research in Clinical Practice
  • "He Was a Wise Dude, That Buddha"