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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Comments dialogue at the LA Times article

Dialogue about the LA Times article

I think that it will be informative for people, who are interested, to read through the comments dialogue for the LA Times article on California SB 1172. 

Well, the dialogue continues between me and one commenter, as of Thursday evening, Sept. 5th.  [it continues as of Saturday evening] One thing that I suggest that you watch for is what commenters say about the reasons they think I say something, and see if you think this is a reflection of what they are doing in their comments. 

In Brian Pellot's article on 9/6/13 for his Blog at the Religion News Service, he interviews Dr. Heiner Bielefeldt, where Dr. Bielefeldt says,

"The conversation started with a simple but loaded question: What is religious freedom? Bielefeldt acknowledged that defining it can be a tricky and often political endeavor — governments, scholars, people of faith and those of none sometimes tailor its definitions to suit their own interests."  
Note how similar this statement is to what I have been explaining in my dialogue in the comments for this LA Times article about how people define terms for their own often political interests. 

Brian Pellot says this about Dr. Bielefeldt's point: 
"But religious liberty often comes into conflict with other rights, like when it’s summoned up to suppress free speech or to oppress women and sexual minorities." 
A person who is bisexual is a minority within the LGBT community.  I'm trying to present in my comments section dialogue that the voice of a person who is a bisexual and a minor is being suppressed by people with a gay agenda, when that person decides to hold a sexual identity of straight. 

Friday, Sept. 13th.  I decided that the dialogue at the LA Times article has run its course.  This is the last comment that I posted there:
I appreciate that the LA Times allows this dialogue about the article.  The co-founders of the NALT project couldn’t do that.  Readers are allowed to read and review, research and consider the points presented and then make their own opinions and decisions.