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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wayne's video of support for NALT project

I posted this to the video Wayne made for the NALT project: 

I watched John and Catherine Shore’s video that they made on Sept. 9th for the NALT project. 

For those who are interested, I worked through each point in the video at my Blogger site entitled Our Culture and Society.  The title of my post there is:/ 

You couldn’t leave an actual URL there in a comment.  I didn't post my opinion of either video in my comment there.  Notice that he does not say that he is a Christian.  I don’t know what Wayne means when he uses the term, full acceptance.  At least I am speaking out about what I think, both about the NALT project and about my own perspectives. 
The video and the transcript of Wayne's video. 

My comment there is "Pending Approval!"  "Comments may be held for uploader approval"

Sept. 11th at 5:15pm. 

Looks like Wayne decided to not allow my comment to be posted there.  It's not listed as Pending Approval any longer:

Mike Jones
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  • Kumtekmeon
    As an ardent advocate, I welcome this initiative. The Religious rights have succeeded somewhat in driving many LGBT people away from getting in touch with their spiritual side; when the truth of the matter is that LGBT people are innately more spiritual than others. It is full time LGBT take charge of their rightful place as children of the True God of Love and Equality.
    The Battle has begun.
  • garysdeskcom
    Excellent video. As a person with a background in religious education, I understand the need for what you are doing.
  • Aaron Rosenberg
    Wayne, I admire your efforts at creating a unity between religious (Christian) people and the LGBT population. The "no qualifiers" part really caught my attention. I bristle when people play the "love the sinner" card (the qualifier). This one little concept has so much wrong with it, it's hard to know where to begin. The implied offended deity cannot be produced, so what's left is superstitious rationalization of one's own bigotry. If you can remedy this type of ill-found sanctimony, hooray!
  • jerrydoubleu