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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jonathan Merritt writes about intersex individuals

I posted this comment to Jonathan Merritt's article. 

"Jonathan, I’m glad to hear that you pursued this with Russell Moore. His response to you shows me that he hasn’t thought about the question much. I think we need to be careful in how we use both terms, transgendered and transsexual. Some people who say they are transgendered, do not desire to seek a shift in sexual anatomy or seek hormonal input. They are comfortable with their sexual biology. We also need to be careful in how we understand gender as opposed to sex."

I was glad to see that Jonathan has an in with Russell Moore where he can have Russell respond to him.  I wasn't able to trigger a response from Russell when I wrote to him privately or when I commented about intersex individuals to his article on transgendered individuals.

I had commented about Russell's statements there in this way:

"Using Russell Moore's reasoning, he should then be also speaking out to prevent doctors and parents from making the decision for intersexed babies. These humans are not created by God as either male or female but as both. Yet, the majority of intersexed babies are surgically altered to be either male or female. Mr. Moore also shows a lack of understanding of the difference between gender and sex. Transsexual individuals are not trying to surgically alter their gender. They are electing to alter their sex."