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Friday, August 30, 2013

My thoughts on bill SB 1172 in CA being upheld by Federal Appeals Court

Commenting on the AP article about the Federal Appeals Court upholding CA law SB 1172.

Conversation therapy does not necessarily seek to turn gay youth straight.  But if you say something enough, in a democracy, the public tends to believe it.  That’s what I meant when I said that in a democracy, effective communication is incomplete and inaccurate communication. 

Again, the APA says sexual orientation includes sexual attraction, sexual behavior and more. 

Does therapy appear dangerous in other regards – of course.  And as I said about the NJ bill A3371, at my blog here,  if you read it carefully it also bans licensed therapists from helping a bisexual minor become gay.   

One could also argue that the parent’s judgment is no more clouded than a gay affirming therapist’s judgment is clouded toward a youth who does not want to be gay affirming, but who experiences some level of same-sex sexual attractions.   

It’s important to watch for phrases such as, ‘may cause’ or ‘can cause’ or ‘appeared dangerous’ or ‘trying to change’ or ’pose critical health risks’ or ‘mainstream psychological organization’  or ‘overwhelming’ or ‘potentially harmful and ineffective.’  We could cite the same data to support the opposite perspective.  So, again, effective communication involves incomplete and thus inaccurate information.   

Again, the APA and the APA both say that identity is not the same as orientation.  And that sexual orientation involves more than just sexual behavior or just sexual attraction.   

I keep asking, “Is a shift from a bisexual sexual orientation to a gay sexual orientation also now illegal in CA and NJ for a licensed counselor to pursue with a client who is a minor?” 

Again, see the use of the words, ‘may’ and ‘potentially’ in this paragraph from the article: “Graber said the court only had to decide whether the therapy was potentially harmful to children and didn’t need to decide if it was dangerous for adults because their emotions about their sexual identity may be vastly different.” 

The APA has always stated that it is the duty of a licensed counselor to go in the direction that the client desires.  What would be unprofessional conduct, the APA thus also says, is for a licensed counselor to strongly encourage a client, whether they are a minor or not, to pursue a direction that the client does not desire to go in, for the clients own chosen reasons.   

Thus, articles such as this, appear to have a need to have a caption that includes something about, gay-to-straight, as opposed to gay to bisexual, or bisexual to gay, or straight to bisexual – again to be effective they need to be inaccurate.  It’s where we are in our culture and our society.