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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nicholas Alan (Taylor) - the AAB pulling at straws

Nicholas Alan is now pulling at straws.  Discover what this talent agency actually is….

Steve Grand finally gives credit to Nick Alan on his Facebook page after more than a month of the video coming out.  Steve refers to Nick as his good friend and references Nick’s newFacebook page that was created only on July 29th

So, it appears that Nick doesn’t go by Taylor but the AAB: 

Nicholas Alan  Fan page for Nicholas Alan aka "The All American Boy" For bookings or interviews contact

Brandon Cohen just started this company in July of this year, 2013.  Hummmm.....

LinkedIn shows this about Brandon.

Brandon has only been involved in the industry since 2008 and mostly as a PA or assistant talent agent.  I wasn’t surprised to read how little he had actually done, as of 2010 in this article.

Note that this article was in the examiner.

Compare what he actually did to what he says about himself at his agency site.

There is just this one picture of Nick up there.  And no bio:

So, Nicholas Alan picked this agency as who he is having promote himself now…  Hummmm...

Oooops.... my bad.  Nick still goes by Taylor and DocTayTay:
Taylor @DocTayTay 30 Jul
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