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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Drake Jensen, Steve Grand, Eli Lieb

All are openly gay singers

They each have music videos on YouTube

Contrast these three openly gay men who make music for a living:  Drake Jensen, Steve Grand and Eli Lieb.

·         Who is more country?
·         Who talks about their current relationships?
·         Who bears their chest in their music videos?
·         Who has a bonfire, swims and kisses in their videos?
·         Who is a gay activist?
·         Who is promoting their video as them being gay?
·         Who is had been transparent about being gay?
·         Who is telling a story with their music?
·         Who talks about faith in their videos?
·         Who is in a relationship?
·         Does age make a difference?
·         Who grew up in a rural context?
·         Who sings country music?
·         Who has done other than country music?
·         What did coming out as a gay man mean to each of them?
Here are some links to help you: