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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tweets I'd like to send to Steve Grand

I still have some questions that I'm thinking of asking Steve.  However, it's hard to know how many tweets he is able to reply to. 

@SteveGrandMusic Was your goal to cleverly deceive people without technically saying what was untrue? Is this your morality?
@SteveGrandMusic So, what exactly does the term, straight male, mean to you? 

@SteveGrandMusic I know that you want people to know that you are gay.  How about Nick as your AAB? 

@SteveGrandMusic Again, what do you want America to believe your #allamericanboy is? 

@SteveGrandMusic As your AAB, Nick’s identity, his orientation, even his sexual preferences may be straight, but not all his behavior.  

@SteveGrandMusic Why so afraid to use the term, Bisexual?  When it is an accurate descriptor, of identity or orientation or behavior?